5 Favorite Hunt Camp Cocktail Every Outdoorsman Should Know

Hunt Camp Cocktails

Outdoorsmen are quite adventurous and known to be handy with whatever is available. They usually carry a variety of items that can perform almost any task making them quite reliable on every occasion.

At the end of the outdoor pursuit, we all love a good cocktail to calm us down. There is nothing better for outdoorsmen that relaxing in their cams with a drink on their hands after a long day in the woods hunting or fishing in the rivers.

There are those that go the beer while others go for the whiskey. While these two are great choices, there is no need to limit your post hunt beverage. There are several hunt camp cocktails every outdoorsman should know. 

In this post, we are going to share with you five favorite hunt camp cocktails. These drinks are pretty easy to make and use minimal ingredients readily available on the campsite.

Note: Safety should always come top when hunting. Remember cocktails like any other drinks must be taken responsibly especially if they contain alcohol. Have a great time with fellow outdoorsmen but don’t overdo it! Take your cocktail only after the hunt is over. There instances when you have to wait for hours before your target game shows up. Once the setting spotting scope is set and you’ve waited your game for an hour or more, there is always a temptation to sip your favorite cocktail. Please don’t attempt this while handling a gun.

5 Favorite Hunt Camp Cocktails Every Outdoorsman Should Know

1. The Made-in-America Mule

Moscow mules are quite good and a favorite at most city bars. They taste great when mixed with white eggs, but you will not get the same fancy when outdoors hunting. However, you can skip the original and do with what is available. Mix a can of beer, vodka and two ginger ales. You can also squeeze fresh lime juice to add some sour taste. For that that want a sweeter taste, add some honey.

2. The Blood Buck

If you’re a big fan of cocktails accompanied by snacks, then you must know this one. The perfect Bloody Mary is a hot topic but one that gets hotter when making it outdoors. However, it is pretty simple, and all you need is Bloody Mary, vodka, bacon and some deer sticks. Of course, you can make it even tastier by adding pickles and celery. This cocktail is a great appetizer after a long day hunting as one of the outdoorsmen makes dinner.

3. The Hemming Way

Also called the ‘Death in the Afternoon,’ this is a drink invented by its namesake, Ernest Hemming way, and one every outdoorsman ought to know. The drink is made of champagne and absinthe and sometimes looks too fancy for outdoors.

As originally published, the Hemming Way drink was made by pouring one jigger absinthe into a glass of champagne. While you might not attain the exact Hemming way in the wild, trying this cocktail is something you must experience.

You can drink three of these glasses slowly, but more than three is excessive. You don’t want to operate your AR 15 scope the next day after excessive Hemming way cocktail.

4. Bird Dog Whiskey

This should be your best cocktail drink after an unsuccessful hunt. It is a lovely blended whisky that will make you feel better after a failed mission. Depending on your preference, you can add some flavoring. However, the trick to have the best Bird Dog Whiskey is the balance between the whiskey and the flavoring. Overall, this is an excellent cocktail after rabbit hunting, duck hunting and upland bird hunting.

5. The Sleepy Hunter

This is a cold-weather favorite and the only exception cocktail before a hunt. It is a great combination of decaffeinated coffee with any choice bourbon on hand. While decaffeinated coffee does not sound ideal for a hunting trip, trust me, it is a perfect pick when you need to be alert and sharp the next morning. It is a great drink to get you through the chilly nights.

Final Verdict

All these are great drinks every outdoorsman should know before their next hunting trip. Make sure you plan for the post-hunt the same way to plan for the hunt.

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