How to Choose the Best Blender – the Best Mixilator Tool for Easy Making Automatic Cocktail

best blender as a mixilator tool for making cocktail

Finding the best blender as a mixilator tool for making cocktail is no easy task as the market is filled with a variety of blenders from different brands. There are over 100 blenders on the market with a thousand reviews for each something that makes your search for a new blender frustrating and daunting. You need a blender that blends all ingredients and makes a good smoothie.

Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and love for smoothies has probably brought to this search. Smoothies must be smooth, and this is only possible when you have a blender that can whip out delicious meals and replace them with smoothies. Apart from making smoothies, blenders are great at making your favorite cocktails in the comfort of your home. Most people nowadays know their mojitos from their margaritas. Making your own cocktail is a great balancing act. However, with the best blender, you can have all the ingredients properly mixed.

As you can see, a blender is one of the best investments for living a healthy lifestyle. Quite literally, you will get more out of it than you put in. However, before you add this excellent home appliance, you need to know how to choose the best. There is nothing worse than spending money on a blender that does not blend all ingredients smoothly.

How to Choose the Best Blender - A Mixilator Tool for Making Automatic Cocktail?

Size Matters

When it comes to blenders, size matters. The smallest blender size we recommend is 27 ounces. This can only make about two drinks. The ideal blender size is 48 ounces which is large enough to handle multiple drinks at an average party.

Choosing the large size is a great ideal, but it also comes down to the drinks you want to make. Large sizes fit long-time needs and offer good value for money.


Brand matters a lot when buying expensive kitchen appliances. You can get better quality and durability when you choose from reputable brands that have existed for years. Some of the famous blender brands that you can find in almost every home include the Vitamix blender and the ninja blender.

1.) Vitamix Blender - The Vitamix Blender series are a legacy of reliability and high-performance spanning through generations. The company creates innovative blender designs each year with newer models coming with additional pre-programmed settings to increase efficiency.

vitamix blender

While the prices vary depending on the model, Vitamix blenders retain their uncompromising quality something that has made them lead the market for years. There are 8 Vitamix blenders on the market for every budget and personal preference. They vary in speed, blade diameter, and versatility but all retain the simple design and intuitive controls.

2.) Ninja Blender - The Ninja blender series is another famous brand with a sturdy construction and intuitive control features. Ninja is an affordable alternative to the Vitamix blender series. It is another wonderful blender for making smoothies.

Ninja Blender

Ninja blenders are robust, easy to use and clean. It boasts models with some of the biggest containers that can hold up to 72 ounces. You can easily crush seeds, ice, and frozen ingredients at a touch of a button using any of these blender series. The professional ninja blender stands out as the best under this brand to check out.

Blender Type

You need to decide on the blender type based on use. There are four main types of blenders ranging from the most versatile to the least versatile. These types are:

1.) High-performance - These blenders feature the most powerful motors and fast-spinning blades. They are the most versatile and serve up silky smoothies, frozen drinks, and fiber-filled whole fruit juices.

2.) Conventional - These are less expensive models that serve blending and lower intensity tasks. They are ideal for fresh fruit smoothies and milkshakes.

3.) Personal blender - This is a relatively new category ideal for people looking for yogurt-based smoothies and power shakes on the go. They feature a mixing container that also serves as a travel jar.

4.) Immersion - These types of blenders are considered a compliment to the countertop blender. They feature a cylindrical device with exposed blades which are directly immersed in food for blending.


Choose blenders with multiple speeds so that you have options when blending. You need to start at low speed when crushing ice. Blenders with more speed options give you more control of your smoothies and cocktails. They also ensure your drinks achieve some consistency.


The motor power is probably the most important part of these machines. Most blender motor powers range from 300-600 watts, but you can get a few that go as high as 1000 watts. However, if the cocktail is your main goal, you can choose blenders with a motor power of around 500 watts. Don’t underestimate motor power as burnt out machines will not make a cocktail.

Easy to Clean

This is another excellent consideration as most people only realize how difficult it is to clean blenders after using them. Choose blenders with removable parts and blades for easy cleaning. You can also go with self-cleaning blade models.

Material Matters

What materials are the pitcher and blades made of? Most modern blenders feature stylish designs, but the design is not everything when the materials are of poor quality. The best blender blades are stainless steel which is tough to handle ice crushing. The pitcher should also be stainless steel or glass. Avoid plastic pitchers which easily stain and can be scratched. Plastic also traps smell.

Final Thoughts

The best blender as a mixilator tool is dependent on how you plan to use it. From our extensive guide, you can easily choose the ideal blender to suit your needs. However, remember to consider the blades and motors which are the most important features of any blender.

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