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Smith And Wesson

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Build, fill glass with ice
1 1/2 oz Kahlua (4.5 cl, 3/8 gills)
Fill with soda
Serve in a tall glass (10.0 oz)

How to determine glass size

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pictureGypsy Punch
pictureHaote Pikia
pictureHari Kari
pictureHarvard Cooler
pictureHarvard Fizz
pictureHarvard Wine
pictureHavana Club Rickey
pictureHavelock Hiball
pictureHawaiian Cooler #1
pictureHawaiian Daisy
pictureHere's How
pictureHighland Cooler
pictureHoffman House Fizz
pictureHolland House Fizz
pictureHoneydew Cooler
pictureHorse's Hiball
pictureHour Glass Hiball
pictureHugo Rickey
pictureIan's Fizz
pictureImperial Fizz
pictureImperial Hotel Fizz
pictureIrish Cooler
pictureIrish Fizz
pictureIrish Rickey
pictureIrish Whiskey Highball
pictureJamaican Granite
pictureJapanese Fizz
pictureJohn Collins
pictureJohn Collins Variation
pictureJoscoe Julep (Jocose Julep)
pictureKerry Cooler
pictureKirsch Hiball
pictureKirsch Rickey
pictureKiss Me Quick Hiball
pictureKlondike Cooler
pictureKlondike Hiball
pictureKremlin Cooler
pictureLadies Sub Bourbon
pictureLady Love Fizz
pictureLeave It To Me Variation
pictureLemon Pie
pictureLemon Squash
pictureLemonade (modern)
pictureLime Rickey
pictureLone Tree Cooler
pictureLone Tree Cooler Variation
pictureLong Tom Cooler
pictureMadelaine Cocktail
pictureMalahut Punch
pictureMamie Gilroy
pictureManila Fizz
pictureMarguerite Fizz
pictureMay Blossom Fizz
pictureMc Crory
pictureMc Kinley Punch
pictureMelon's Russian
pictureMerry Widow Fizz
pictureMilk Punch Variation
pictureMint Collins
pictureMint Collins Variation
pictureMint Cooler
pictureMint Highball
pictureModern Lemonade
pictureMojito Criollo
pictureMoonlight Cooler
pictureMorning After
pictureMorning Fizz
pictureMorning Glory
pictureMorning Glory Daisy
pictureMorning Glory Fizz
pictureMorning, Teacher
pictureMovito Cocktail
pictureMyrtle Bank Punch
pictureNapa Hiball
pictureNectarine Cooler
pictureNegroni Variation
pictureNew Orleans Gin Fizz
pictureNew Orleans Golden Fizz
pictureNew Yorker Hiball
pictureNicky's Fizz
pictureNineteen Pick Me Up
pictureNineteen Twenty Hiball
pictureNorthside Special
pictureNourmahal Punch
pictureOasis Cooler
pictureOjen Cocktail
pictureOlaffson's Punch
pictureOrange Blossom Cooler
pictureOrange Cooler
pictureOrange Fizz
pictureOrange Fizz Variation
pictureOrange Fizz Variation
pictureOrange Gin Collins
pictureOrange Gin Fizz
pictureOrange Gin Hiball
pictureOrange Gin Rickey
pictureOrange Milk Fizz
pictureOrgeat Fizz
pictureOrgeat Hiball
pictureOrgeat Punch
pictureOstend Fizz
pictureOstend Fizz Variation
pictureOuzog Rickey
picturePalm Beach
picturePanama Cooler
picturePapaya Sling
pictureParachute Cooler
picturePeach Blossom
picturePeach Blow
picturePeach Blow Fizz Variation
picturePeach Blow Fizz Variation
picturePeach Sangaree
picturePear Rickey
picturePhiladelphia Scotchman
picturePhiladelphian Cocktail
picturePicon Curacao Highball
picturePicon Me
picturePicon Punch Variation
picturePicon Punch Variation
picturePineapple Cooler
picturePineapple Fizz
picturePineapple Lemonade
picturePineapple Mint Cooler
picturePink Garter Hiball
picturePink Lady Fizz
picturePink Lemonade
picturePink Picon
picturePink Rose Fizz
picturePino Frio
picturePlantation Punch
picturePlanter's Punch
picturePlanter's Punch Variation
picturePlum Rickey
picturePolichinelle Hiball
picturePolynesian Sling
picturePompier Hiball
picturePondo Punch
picturePontalba Punch
picturePort Light Hiball
picturePort Of San Juan
picturePort Wine Cobbler
picturePort Wine Sangaree
picturePorto Rico Rickey
picturePrincess Hiball
picturePrinceton Variation
picturePuerto Rican Rum Swizzle
picturePuerto Rican Rum Swizzle Variation
picturePunt E Mes Negroni
pictureQueen Charlotte
pictureQueen Charlotte Cooler
pictureRacquet Club Fizz
pictureRaffles Hotel Sling
pictureRamos Fizz
pictureRamos Fizz A La Kahlua
pictureRaspberry Claret Cup
pictureRaspberry Hiball
pictureRaspberry Rickey
pictureRed Swizzle
pictureRegal Fizz
pictureRemsen Cooler
pictureReno Split
pictureReviver Cooler
pictureRickey Fizz
pictureRico Lliano
pictureRobert E. Lee Cooler
pictureRock & Rye Cooler
pictureRoman Cooler
pictureRose In June Fizz
pictureRoyal Fizz
pictureRoyal Gin Fizz
pictureRoyal Milk Punch
pictureRoyal Rickey
pictureRuby Fizz
pictureRuby Punch
pictureRum & Coconut Cooler
pictureRum Buck
pictureRum Cobbler
pictureRum Coconut Fizz
pictureRum Collins
pictureRum Cooler
pictureRum Fizz
pictureRum Float
pictureRum Hiball
pictureRum Pick Up
pictureRum Pineapple Fizz
pictureRum Puff
pictureRum Punch
pictureRum Rickey
pictureRum Rickey Variation
pictureRum Smash
pictureRum Swizzle Variation
pictureRye Hiball
pictureSan Juan Sling
pictureSangaree Comfort
pictureSaratoga Fizz
pictureSaratoga Variation
pictureSauterne Cooler
pictureSavoy Hotel Rickey
pictureScotch Cooler
pictureScotch Fizz
pictureScotch Highball
pictureScotch Rickey
pictureScotch Sangaree
pictureScotch Stone Fence
pictureSea Breeze (cooler)
pictureSeapea Fizz
pictureSettler Hiball
pictureShark's Tooth Variation
pictureShark's Tooth Variation
pictureSharkey Punch Cocktail
pictureSharky Hiball
pictureSherry Cobbler
pictureSherry Cobbler Variation
pictureSherry Punch
pictureSherry Sangaree
pictureShot In The Arm
pictureSilver Ball Fizz
pictureSilver Fizz
pictureSilver Stallion (fizz)
pictureSilver Stallion (fizz) Variation
pictureSingapore Sling
pictureSloe Gin Collins
pictureSloe Gin Fizz
pictureSloe Gin Rickey
pictureSmith And Kerns
pictureSouth Side Fizz
pictureSouthern Comfort Hiball
pictureSouthern Cross
pictureSouthern Pines
pictureSpritzer (highball)
pictureSt. Croix Cooler
pictureStarboard Light Variation
pictureStirrup Cup
pictureStone Fence
pictureStone Wall
pictureStout Sangaree
pictureStraits Sling
pictureStrawberry Blonde
pictureStrawberry Cream Cooler
pictureStrawberry Fizz
pictureStrawberry Vermouth
pictureStrega Fizz
pictureSudan Cooler
pictureSuicide Cocktail
pictureSuisette Cocktail
pictureSuissesse Variation
pictureSummer Time
pictureSunset Limited
pictureSwedish Hiball
pictureTall Islander
pictureTamarind Punch
pictureTampa Tarpon
pictureTapa Punch
pictureTequila Collins
pictureTequila Fizz
pictureTequila Old Fashioned
pictureTequila Rickey
pictureTequila Sunrise
pictureTequila Sunrise Variation
pictureTerry Sloan Cooler
pictureTex Collins
pictureTexas Fizz
pictureThree Faces
pictureTom Collins
pictureTrader Vic's Rum Fizz
pictureTropical Fizz
pictureVan Der Spritz
pictureVanilla Cooler
pictureVanilla Punch
pictureVermouth And Cassis
pictureVermouth Cassis Variation
pictureVermouth Cooler
pictureVermouth Curacao Variation
pictureVictory Hiball
pictureViolet Fizz
pictureViolet Fizz Variation
pictureVodka Collins
pictureVodka Cooler
pictureVodka Sling Variation
pictureVodka Sling Variation
pictureWally's Cocktail
pictureWatermelon Cassis
pictureWhat Is It?
pictureWhiskey Cobbler
pictureWhiskey Collins
pictureWhiskey Curacao Fizz
pictureWhiskey Daisey Variation
pictureWhiskey Daisey Variation
pictureWhiskey Highball
pictureWhiskey Orange
pictureWhiskey Puff
pictureWhiskey Punch
pictureWhiskey Punch Variation
pictureWhiskey Rickey
pictureWhiskey Rickey Variation
pictureWhiskey Rickey Variation
pictureWhiskey Sangaree
pictureWhiskey Smash
pictureWhiskey Squirt
pictureWhiskey Swizzle
pictureWhite Cobbler
pictureWhite Lion Variation
pictureWhite Wine Cooler
pictureWhite Wine Punch
pictureWild Eyed Rose
pictureWine Collins
pictureWine Cooler
pictureWine Cooler Variation
pictureWyoming Swing
pictureWyoming Swing
pictureYacht Club Punch
pictureYellow Fever
pictureYodel Hiball
pictureZazarac Cocktail Variation
pictureZenith (cooler)

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