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Agave-based spirits


Generic for Mexican spirit produced in western Jalisco from agave cactus. Traditionally, raicilla was the name given to illegally-distilled Mescal "moonshine." Like moonshine, quality varies, but the best of the product is smooth, high proof, and in raicilla's case so smoky that it can be said with minimum hyperbole that it makes Laphroig Scotch taste like tap water by comparison. The market for raicilla proved so popular, a legal version is now produced. This is, perhaps, ironic in that the name itself (meaning "root") was coined to escape ready detection by the authorities. Though the product is mainly consumed alone, it is also combine with juices and sodas. Its use in cocktails is, as yet, unheard-of.


smokey and agave


Generally available. Produced and sold in Mexico. Known to be distributed in Mexico. Rarely exported.


other agave spirit

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