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egg yolk


Non-alcoholic additives, juices & mixers


Use of raw egg in beverages long predates the creations of cocktails & related drink forms themselves, and was a valued ingredient from their onset. Usually used for the emulsifying consistency and foaminess it imparts, it is often subdivided into its yolk & white parts as separate cocktail constituents, the egg yolk being the less common ingredient. In classic cocktail terminology, "golden" appended to the name of a cocktail (as in "Golden Bronx") often indicates the additional presence of egg yolk; "silver" (as in "Silver Bronx") requests the additional presence of egg white in recipes otherwise without egg. When either "half a yolk" or "half an egg white" are specified, simply prepare two portions (2 drinks) instead of one - since division of single yolks or whites is problematic. Egg yolks are mainly used as emulsifying agents to impart a "noggy" character to a drink.


Generally available.


other viscosity enhancer

Usage examples

This ingredient appears in 58 recipes in CocktailDB.
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