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Also known as

whiskey, whisk(e)y


Generic term for any of a number of grain-based, oak-aged distillates from various countries, such as the United States (Bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, American straight whiskey, American blended whiskey, Tennessee whisky;) Canada (Canadian whisky in its various iterations;) Ireland (Irish whiskey, blended and single malt;) Japan (Japanese whisky in its various iterations;) and Scotland (Scotch whiskey, blended, single malt, and vatted; inclusive of all disparate regional characteristics.) The term "whisky" used alone suggests the uses of Scotch. The term "whiskey" used alone suggests a choice of any whiskey that suits the recipient, and, depending on from what book (and where it was published) the term as cited, derives, may suggest the use of an American whiskey. The term "whisk(e)y" suggests a choice of any whiskey that suits the recipient.




Generally available. Produced and sold in Great Britain. Distributed world-wide. Available for on-line ordering in some markets.

Usage examples

This ingredient appears in 38 recipes in CocktailDB.
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