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Boston shaker


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Cocktail shaking apparatus preferred by most professional bartenders; the key is that the mixing glass creates a seal with the stainless steel half when gently tapped into place. The cocktail can then be shaken without fear of making a mess. (Beginners are advised to practice with water in an before attempting to use a Boston shaker to make cocktails.) Also, the combination of one simple glass part and one simple metal part allows for very easy and speedy cleanup. Moreover, the utter utility of the pieces made the Boston shaker very popular; the glass half did triple duty - often used as a serving glass for fancy mixed drinks and for beer. It also is used in its own right as a mixing glass. This was the first style of cocktail shaker ever created and can be seen in use in illustrations as early as 1888.

Museum of the American Cocktail
Tales of the Cocktail 2006
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